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SDI & Live Streaming & Wireless Relay & New Firmware

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*Accsoon new firmware image.

1. RTMP wireless streaming, unrestrained, enjoy live

The new version of APP adds RTMP live streaming function. You can push your transmitted pictures to station B or other live platforms through iOS mobile devices (phones/ tablets that need to support 4G / 5G cellular network. Anytime and anywhere, you can get rid of the shackles of cable live broadcasting, cross the space distance, and realize live and remote monitoring. What’s more, the update of Accsoon 2rd generation serial and the future products will support this function!

2. Android App major upgrade, Android is long delayed? No!

Delay in Android mobile devices has always been the biggest difficulty in Android mobile monitoring. Through continuous innovation and optimization, Accsoon has taken the lead in solving the problem of high delay of Android mobile monitoring. After App’s update, the delay of Android devices (currently limited to mobile devices with Qualcomm processors) is equivalent to that of iOS devices, which can meet the needs of wireless focusing and can further improve the flexibility of users’ on-site monitoring.

3.The most efficient solution of Accsoon x new reading mobile recording materials on the cloud.

Save your time in the busy studio and make you more focus on creation by the new version of Accsoon app (currently only supports Android platform) with a new reading cloud service interface, which can easily upload the materials recorded by mobile devices to the new reading cloud, remote film review, rapid editing, material sharing, innovative and efficient production process.

4.It’s not only image transmission, but also powerful wireless relay, extending your camera wirelessly.

Accsoon CineEye 2rd generation serial supports wireless relay cameras, such as red Komodo and kinefinety series cameras. Connect the camera to CineEye 2, and then connect your mobile iPad to CineEye 2 to complete the relay operation process. Through the relay, the WiFi range of the camera itself can be covered from 10 meters to about 100 meters, allowing two apps to work at the same time, even exceeding the limit of four people to watch. Get stronger wireless signal coverage and stronger anti-jamming ability.

5. V1.18 new firmware

Using app to upgrade firmware of CineEye 2rd generation serial products. Contents of this firmware upgrade:

  1. Optimize the connection of some iOS devices using high temperature WiFi (the specific models are iPhone 11, iPad pro, iPad air4 produced in 2020).
  2. Improve the reliability of wireless transmission.
  3. Optimize the delay of wireless transmission to meet the support of professional live broadcast.
  4. Optimize BMD p4k, p6k, Nikon Z6, HDMI signal to be recognized in playback.
  5. Increase the transmission rate and improve the transmission image quality.

Focus on products and technology, respect user needs, do really good products!

Every product of Accsoon has done a lot of innovative design and ideas in the visible and invisible places. We are not a company that is limited by tradition and other products. Accsoon is always on the way of product innovation and produces better products to serve you!

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