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Accsoon Power Cage

Accsoon Power Cage is a portable iPad cage. It’s compatible with almost iPad, iPad Air and iPad Pro. During the shooting, Power Cage can keep your iPad safe, charge your iPad through the external NP-F series battery and make your iPad become more convenient for handheld and mounting. Power Cage can work with Accsoon’s wireless video transmission system seamlessly for monitoring.

Accsoon iPad Cage Power Cage First Image

*Power Cage introduction.

Adjustable Design

Scalable structure, good monitor solution

Power Cage utilizes an adjustable sliding frame design, the internal dimensions are length: 250mm-260mm and width: 170mm-180mm, which is a good solution for directors,1st AC, gaffers, makeup artists, and anyone else who needs to use an iPad on-set.

Accsoon Accessory Power Cage Adjustable Design Details
Accsoon Accessory Power Cage Front View

*Power Cage features adjustable design.

Accsoon Accessory Power Cage Works With iPad-1

*Power Cage supports 9 iPad models.

Supports 9 Models of iPad

Meet the size of iPad on the market

With power cage, it can help you achieve to support iPad models as many as possible.

  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • iPad Air (3rd & 4th generation)
  • iPad (7th, 8th, 9th generation)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (1st, 2nd, 3rd generation)

Protect Your iPad From Damage

High Strength Aviation-grade Aluminium Alloy

Protects iPad from accidental damage from high fall, and accidental bending under heavy-weight. CNC cutting and anodic oxidation treatment are used within this power cage.

Accsoon Accessory Power Cage Disassembly Drawing

*Power Cage is composed of aluminum alloy.

Accsoon Accessory Power Cage Usage Scenario Diagram-1

*Power Cage features hot swap.

Maintain Long Time Shooting

Charge with NP-F battery

Power Cage has an NP-F battery clip at back. You can use it to charge your iPad during the shooting process, and you can even use the battery to stand your iPad.

Use in multiple scenarios

Use with CineEye wireless video transmission system

The Power Cage and iPad can be combined with Accsoon’s CineEye range of wireless video transmission systems to create an affordable iOS monitoring solution to be used in multiple shooting applications.

Accsoon Accessory Power Cage Usage Scenario Diagram-2

*Power Cage can be mounted on light holders or be handheld.

Accsoon Accessory Power Cage Usage Scenario Diagram-3

*Power Cage can be mounted on cameras or stand on the table.

1/4-20″ Screw Interface

Functional and practicality attaching

There are 1/4-20″ mounting holes on each side, as well as the back of the cage, so you can attach other accessories to the iPad or mount the iPad to a light holder or camera, etc.

Accsoon Accessory Power Cage Details

*Power Cage features 1/4-20″ screw interface.

Accsoon Accessory Power Cage Self-locking Design Detail

*Power Cage features battery self-locking design.

Lock the Battery

Keep your battery and iPad safe

Power Cage Pro is equipped with a battery lock button that effectively prevents the battery from slipping off the back of the iPad accidentally.

Secure Your “Monitor”

Built-in charging protection function

This cage offers built-in charging protection while connected to the power input of the iPad via the included USB-C or lightning type cable.

Accsoon Accessory Power Cage Works With iPad-2

*Power Cage features built-in charging protection function.

Accsoon Accessory Power Cage Structure Chart

*Power Cage dimention.

Product Package Content

  • Powercage*1
  • USB-C Charge Cable*1
  • Lightning Charge Cable*1
  • 2mm L Wrench*1
  • M2.5*5 Screw*4

Power Cage Details

DimentionSize Adjustable, Length: 250mm-260mm; Width: 170mm-180mm; Net Weight: 350g; Thickness: 26.5mm
CompatibilityiPad(7th, 8th, 9th generation), iPad Air(3rd & 4th generation), iPad Pro 10.5inch, iPad Pro 11inch(1st, 2nd, 3rd generation)
MaterialAviation Grade Aluminum Alloy
Processing TechnologyCNC Integrated Cutting, Anodic Oxidation Treatment
PackingPower Cage*1+USB-C Charge Cable*1+Lightning Charge Cable*1+2mm L Wrench*1+M2.5*5 Screw*4
Battery SupportNP-F 550/750/970 Battery
USB-A OutputDC 5V/3A


Size Adjustable, Length: 250mm-260mm

Width: 170mm-180mm; Net Weight: 350g

Thickness: 26.5mm


iPad(7th, 8th, 9th generation)

iPad Air(3rd & 4th generation)

iPad Pro 10.5inch

iPad Pro 11inch(1st, 2nd, 3rd generation)


Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy

Processing Technology

CNC Integrated Cutting

Anodic Oxidation Treatment


Power Cage*1+USB-C Charge Cable*1

Lightning Charge Cable*1+2mm

L Wrench*1+M2.5*5 Screw*4

Battery Support

NP-F 550/750/970 Battery

USB-A Output

DC 5V/3A

FAQ of Power Cage

iPad(7th & 8th generation)

iPad Air(3rd & 4th generation)

iPad Pro 10.5inch

iPad Pro 11inch(1st & 2nd generation)

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