Project Description

CineEye 2

Accsoon CineEye 2 is a compact wireless WiFi video transmitter that simultaneously transmits up to a 1080p/60fps video signal from an HDMI source to four iOS/Android mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It supports a longer transmission distance of 500ft, lower latency of 60ms, a choice of up to 20 wireless channels, power via an NP-F series battery, and the addition of an HDMI loop output to add an additional monitor that can be daisy-chained to other monitors.

Accsoon Wireless Video Transmission CineEye 2 First Image

*CineEye 2 introduction.

Transmission Range up to 500ft/150m

Support wide shooting range

CineEye 2 can cover you range-wise for most shooting applications without range issues, as long as you’re not storing your clients or crew half a kilometre away or in the sub-basement, you should be fine.

Accsoon Wireless Video Transmission CineEye 2 Front View

*CineEye 2 features 500ft transmission range.

Accsoon App Accsoon Go UI in iPad

*CineEye 2 allows users to monitor on big screen.

One Transmitter for 4 Devices

Monitor on 4 screens simultaneously

With CineEye 2 wireless video transmitter, you can use up to 4 devices to monitor at the same time, which helps you to keep the whole crew in the loop while shooting. Whether you are a videographer, crewmember or makeup artist, you will get a chance to monitor the real-time images.

Dual HDMI ports

HDMI In and HDMI Loop-out

CineEye 2 wireless video transmitter features one HDMI in and one HDMI loop out. For HDMI loop out, you can use it to output video to monitor on the camera or connect recorder, light, and live stream equipment, which helps the videomaker equip more accessories on the gimbal.

Accsoon Wireless Video Transmission CineEye 2 HDMI Loop Out Diagram

*CineEye 2 features both HDMI In and HDMI Out interface.

Accsoon App Accsoon Go UI in Mobile Phone

*CineEye 2 transmits both video and audio.

HD and Noiseless

High-quality Video and Audio Transmission

With CineEye 2, beautifully clear images are transmitted with almost no delay at up to 1080P/60 and noiseless audio is transmitted through 44.1KHz/48KHz 16bit/24bit.

Terrific, Stable, and Intuitive

Professional Monitoring App – Accsoon GO

Accsoon GO features a majority of functionality tools such as greyscale, RGB, histogram, waveforms, focus peaking, grids, as well as audio and video recording in the App. It also has LUTs and you can install your LUTs onto the device. There’s more functionality built into this app as a monitor than some dedicated monitors.

Accsoon App Accsoon Go Function Diagram
Accsoon App Accsoon Go UI In iPad and Mobile Phone

*CineEye 2 can pair with up to four mobile devices.

Accsoon Wireless Video Transmission CineEye 2 Fodable Antenna Schematic Diagram

*CineEye 2 features fodable antenna.

Fodable Antenna

Easily set up and get started

CineEye 2 is innovatively designed with a pair of fodable antenna. It’s easy for videographers to set up and carry the CineEye 2. You just unfold its antenna, connect it, and get started.

Pocket But Powerful

Compact size, low power consumption and no-fan design

CineEey 2 is a real pocket video transmitter features very low power consumption, a single NP-F970 battery can last you 14 hours. CineEye 2 also has no fans inside, ensuring zero fan noise and a complaint-free sound department.

Accsoon Wireless Video Transmission CineEye 2 Compact Size Schematic Diagram

*CineEye 2 is compact and lightweight.

1.3 inch OLED Screen

Provide institutive screen for you

CineEye 2 is equipped with a clear OLED screen, which is easy to check input video and audio info, battery level, connection status, WiFi signal and channel selection. All information at a glance.

Accsoon Wireless Video Transmission CineEye 2 1.3inch OLED Screen Schematic Diagram

*CineEye 2 features 1.3inch OLED screen.

Accsoon Wireless Video Transmission CineEye 2 Update Firmware on Mobile Phone Schematic Diagram

*CineEye 2 firmware can be updated easily.

Firmware Upgrade

The easiest way to upgrade

There is no complicated process to upgrade the firmware of CineEye 2. You just need to use Accsoon’s official App: Accsoon Go to do a quick upgrade.

CineEye 2 Details

Video InputHDMI
Video OutputHDMI
Video Format1080p 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60fps
1080i 50/59.94/60fps720p 50/59.94/60fps480p 59.94/60fps
Audio44.1KHz/48KHz 16bit/24bit PCM
Latency<0.06 seconds ( Camera latency not included)
OLED1.3 inch OLED
Transmission Power17~20dBm
Transmission Range500 feet(no obstacles, no interference)
Power Consumption3.5 Watt (Typical)
Operating Temperature-10~40℃
Dimensions108mm×68.5mm×30mm(Antenna not included)
Video Input


Video Output


Video Format



1080i 50/59.94/60fps

720p 50/59.94/60fps

480p 59.94/60fps


44.1KHz/48KHz 16bit/24bit PCM


<0.06 seconds

(Camera latency not included)


1.3 inch OLED

Transmission Power


Transmission Range

500 feet

(no obstacles, no interference)

Camera Control


Power Consumption

3.5 Watt (Typical)

Operating Temperature




(Antenna not included)

App Downloads

Download Accsoon Go in Apple Store

iOS version V 1.2.4/IOS 11.0 or higher.

Recommended Models
Download Accsoon Go in

Android version V 1.2.4/Android 6.0 or higher

Recommended Models
Accsoon Go Download QR Code

FAQ of CineEye 2

1.Please make sure the antennas have unfolded.

2.Please make sure there is no cable around the antenna.

3.Please switch to another channel manually.

1.Please ensure the HDMI cable is plugged into the “HDMI In” port of the CineEye 2.

2.Please check if the output format of the camera is compatible with the CineEye 2 input formats and check if the camera has video output enabled via the HDMI port.

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