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Accsoon M1

Accsoon M1 is a powerful HDMI-UVC Android phone monitor equipped with HDMI and USB-C port to monitor the camera video on Android phone. With Accsoon SEE innovative features, your Android phone can be turned into a supportive monitor. Accsoon M1 is a budget-friendly solution for video recording, live stream, or using a monitor screen on set.

PS: We recommend users to use flagship Android phones manufactured after 2019, please refer to the FAQ below for specific adaptations.

Accsoon UVC M1 First Image

*Accsoon M1 introduction image.

Accsoon UVC M1 Functions-1
Accsoon UVC M1 Functions-2

Professional Monitoring

Accsoon M1 allows you to mount your Android smartphone to your camera and turns your Android phone into a professional on-camera monitor.

Accsoon SEE App Functions
Accsoon UVC M1 Front View

*Accsoon M1 transmits your Android phone into professional monitor.

Accsoon UVC M1 Side View

*Accsoon M1 supports live streaming and recording function.

Live Streaming & Recording

From HDMI to Type-C, Accsoon M1 delivers high-quality video at 1080p/60fps to your Android phone, which can be helpful for live streaming and hassle-free recording via Accsoon SEE App.

Live stream on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, Zoom and any platforms support RTMP.

Work With NP-F Series Battery Seamlessly

No worry for breakdowns. You can supply M1 and your Android phone with power from any NP-F battery. Plus, Accsoon M1 has two 7.4V DC OUT, providing power supplies to change your camera and other devices.

Accsoon UVC M1 Interfaces
Accsoon UVC M1 Rear View

*Accsoon M1 works with NP-F batteries seamlessly.

Accsoon UVC M1 Extension Distance-1

*Accsoon M1 features adjustable design.

Adjustable Design

Strong your flexible. Support up to 6.5 inches Android phone.

Accsoon UVC M1 Extension Distance-2

Cold Shoe Mount Design

Perfect for adding a light, wireless receiver, shotgun mic or any shoe mountable.

Accsoon UVC M1 Planform

*Accsoon M1 features cold shoe mount design.

Accsoon UVC M1 Upward View

*Accsoon M1 features 1/4″ screw hole.

1/4″ Screw Hole

Standard on many camera handles and accessory rigs. Fulfill your professional shooting demands.

Suitable for Various Scenarios

Vlog, Wedding, Sports, Live Streaming, Commercial and more waiting for you to discover.

Accsoon UVC M1 Usage Scenario Image-1

*Accsoon M1 can be used for wedding, live streaming, and vlog scenarios.

Accsoon UVC M1 Usage Scenario Image-2

*Accsoon M1 can be used for music video and short film scenarios.

Accsoon UVC M1 Usage Scenario Image-3

*Accsoon M1 can be used for short documentary and street interview scenarios.

Accsoon UVC M1 Features Black And Green Colors-1

*Accsoon M1 comes with green and black colors.

Not Just Black

A variety of choices, play with photography.

Accsoon UVC M1 Features Black And Green Colors-2

Accsoon M1 Details

Video Input1080p 60/50/30/25/24fps
Video Output1080p 60/50/30/25/24fps
Compatible Phone Width65mm – 90mm
Battery PortNP-F550/750/970
HDMI PortType-A
USB PortType-C
DC Port5.5×2.1mm, center positive
DC Output VoltageBattery direct output
AppAndroid 8.0 and above
Power Consumption5V/0.2A (charging excluded)
Operate Temperature-10℃ – 40℃
Net Weight75g
Video Input

1080p 60/50/30/25/24fps

Video Output

1080p 60/50/30/25/24fps

Compatible Phone Width

65mm – 90mm

Battery Port




USB Port


DC Port

5.5×2.1mm, center positive

DC Output Voltage

Battery direct output


Android 8.0 and above

Power Consumption

5V/0.2A (charging excluded)

Operate Temperature

-10℃ – 40℃



Net Weight



App & User Manual Downloads

Download Accsoon SSEE in Google Play
Download Accsoon SEE in

Android 8.0 and above

Accsoon SEE Download QR Code

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FAQ of Accsoon M1

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