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Accsoon Brings a Brand-new Platform to the Video Industry on 2022 NAB Show

Accsoon Booth Image on 2022 NAB

*Media are testing Accsoon wireless video transmission system CineEye 2S Pro.

Accsoon showcased its latest Dual-Band wireless video transmission systems at 2022 NAB Show. Las Vegas, US, April 23 -27, 2022, NAB show was successfully held again since 2019 during the epidemic.

CineView New Platform

We were fully prepared for this exhibition to bring customers and visitors with our new wireless video transmission platform – named CineView. The new platform CineView is an all-new version of the computing platform from the acclaimed CineEye series. All Accsoon wireless video transmission systems based on the CineView feature 2.4&5GHz Dual-Band Wireless Digital Signal Transmission Technology, which is also refered to as Dual-Band for short. Compared with CineEye series, CineView new platform realized improvement in power consumption, loop out video quality, UVC out and product size.

CineView Quad and CineView HE all use Dual-Band technology, which guarantees stable digital signal transmission over long distances with ultra-low latency. CineView Quad uses new 14nm chip to reduce its power consumption to 4.5Watt (Transmitter) and 5Watt (Receiver). This feature improved its battery life up to 20%.

PRONEWS Interviews Accsoon Image

*PRONEWS Interviews Accsoon staff.

CineView HE features a brand-new feature on its receiver —— the UVC out. Users can connect the receiver to their laptop or desktop to start live-streaming directly. Users don’t even need a capture card to bridge the computer and the camera. And another highlight is the size. The CineView HE weighs only 200 gram (Antennas included) and the antenna is only the third of the one of CineEye 2 Pro.

Accsoon wireless video transmission field test

During the show, we made a stability and latency testing on CineEye 2S Pro. Firstly, keep the cine-camera connecting with the transmitter and staying on the table to capture the live exhibition. Then we connected the receiver to a monitor and moved them through the exhibition hall to test the signal stability.

*Accsoon wireless video transmission stability testing on 2022 NAB.

We can learn from the video that the CineEye 2S Pro can keep connected over long distances even through there are so many interferences and barriers in the environment.

After that, we tested its latency. Just let our exhibitor jump before the DSLR camera, use monitors to connect with receiver to pick up the video signal, and use another camera to capture the exhibitor’s jump action and the monitor’s screen.

*Accsoon wireless video transmission latency testing on 2022 NAB.

According to our test, including DSLR camera’s lag, the total latency below 0.06s. It’s perfect for monitoring and manual foucs follow. If use our new released CineView Quad or HE to transmit the signal and use Apple Macbook with M1 chip to receive the signal to monitr, the total latency even can be down to 0.04s.

Hope to serve you more in the future

It’s so difficult for our world in recent years due to the pandemic. We are looking forward to the day when we can take off the mask and meet with you all face to face. Thanks for all customers and visitors support in the 2022 NAB show. Hope to serve you more in 2023!

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  • Accsoon Booth Image on 2022 NAB

Accsoon Brings a Brand-New Platform to the Video Industry on 2022 NAB Show

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