Who we are?

Thank you for your interest in Accsoon! Accsoon – a unique Chinese-owned and operated video equipment company founded in 2014 by a group of passionate and innovative designers, engineers and videographers. Since its inception, Accsoon has been dedicated to the design and production of high-performance wireless video transmission for broadcast, film and general video applications. Accsoon was the first company to pioneer the product direction of transmitting captured footage to mobile monitoring via WIFi. Accsoon’s business covers wireless video transmission systems and video equipment accessories, integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. Based on the video industry in China, Accsoon sells its products to 44 countries and regions, including the United States, European countries and Japan, with superior design and innovative technology. “Focus, Listen and Innovate” is at the core of what Accsoon does. Accsoon focuses on product quality and technical innovation, listens to the needs of our users, and provides them with professional camera gear that really helps. We are very pleased to see Accsoon’s products being widely used by professionals and consumers around the world. Accsoon is diving into helping users be inspired to create compelling content effectively.

Accsoon’s History

2014 stabilization

*Accsoon started to create its own stabilization in 2014


The Founding

Founded in 2014, Accsoon was one of the first companies to apply gyro stabilization technology to high-precision optical products. Since its foundation, Accsoon has been committed to designing and producing high-quality products for broadcast, cinema and general imaging applications.


International Recognition

Over the past few years, Accsoon has gone on to develop high-precision stabilization systems. In 2018, Accsoon introduced the world’s first stabilizer with an integrated video transmission system to videographers, cinematographers at IBC, getting recognition and praise from professionals and media for its outstanding innovation and quality.

*A1 – the world’s first stabilizer with an integrated video transmission system was launched in 2018

*CineEye – Accsoon’s first Wifi video transmission, was showed on 2019 NAB show


Meet Accsoon CineEye

Accsoon has shifted its attention towards wireless video transmission technology as a core part of its product line. At the beginning of 2019, Accsoon released their first wireless video transmission system – CineEye that can turn any mobile device into a wireless, HD field monitor in seconds.


Introduce Dual-band (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) System

Being the first company to integrate Gemini Dual-band 5GHz and 2.4GHz technology into wireless video transmission systems, Accsoon’s technical team has invaluable expertise to build transmission technology with better speed and stability than the rest. This hard work has paid off with much recognition from the industry including awards at the National Association of Broadcasters as well as numerous accolades and praise from the media.

*CineEye 2S Pro – chosen as Newsshooter’s Favorite Camera Accessory of 2020

*CineEye 2 – chosen as Newsshooter’s Favorite Camera Gear of 2021


Powerful as Always

Accsoon has invested heavily in the forefront of transmission technology and professional application to produce powerful, professional yet budget-friendly wireless video transmission devices, along with many video gears that have excellent design and innovative technologies for videographers. “The Accsoon has the best latency of any of the sub $1,000 USD compressed video transmission systems I have reviewed.” – Matthew Allard, Newsshooter.com


Accsoon is a young and progressive enterprise. Accsoon will continue to improve and innovate, and ultimately help millions of photographers exert their inspiration and create amazing content.

More products are coming soon, please stay tuned!